Send Me Your Dirt/Sand


I already have dirt and/or sand from some places, but I am always looking to expand my collection to other places. I will be happy to reimburse your postage (up to $6 in the US: a small priority mail box works best) and make you a key chain or necklace from my Etsy shop using the dirt/sand you send. If you have dirt/sand to send me outside of the United States, please contact me first to work out your reimbursement, etc. Please contact me at before you send anything. 

Instructions on how to send dirt/sand are located at the bottom of this page.

Below is a list of the places I already have:

New Mexico

Naples Beach, Florida
Kaka Point Beach, New Zealand
Playa Miramar, Tampico, Mexico
Leia Beach, Hawaii


Instructions on how to send dirt/sand:

I am very precise about where my soil comes from. If I say it comes from a certain beach in Florida, then it comes from that beach. I like to stay true to what I say. Here are the instructions on sending dirt/sand for me to use:

Make sure that the dirt/sand you are sending me is not from a place on the list above. If you have a question about that, please send me an email.

1. Make sure the dirt/sand is as free from debris (sticks, large rocks, etc.) as possible. It would even be helpful if the dirt/sand could be sifted. Also, make sure the dirt doesn’t come from a flower box or anywhere there might be soil that has been brought in like potting soil.
2. Fill a sandwich sized Ziploc bag (or similar) with the dirt/sand and seal
3. Place the Ziploc bag full of dirt/sand in a box or padded envelope to ship. I have found that a small USPS Priority Mail box works great.
4. Send the package to: A Little Piece of Earth / 1820 E Cedar St. / Eagle Mountain, UT  84005
5. To insure that the dirt/sand comes from a specific place, it is mandatory that the postage mark on the package or padded envelope be from that place. For example: If you are sending me sand from Washington state, I would expect the postage mark to be from Washington. That way I can insure others of the quality of my product.
6. Email me to let me know that the package has been sent. I will notify you when I receive the package and we will work out your reimbursement.

Contact me at if you have any questions.

Thank you for your help!