Excited and Worried?

People have all types of obsessions. Some are deemed “normal”, while others are seen as strange. Is it strange to have an obsession with dirt and sand?

I found out the other night that I would be receiving dirt from Hawaii! Is it weird to get excited about getting a bag full of dirt in the mail? It probably is, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am excited. I have already ordered Hawaii charms to use for the Hawaii key chains that I will make for my Etsy shop.

(I suppose I could have stranger obsessions, and more dangerous ones.)

I love to create what I create! The monetary gain is a side note in my mind. The greatest rush comes when someone wants something that I have created. I suppose that there is an “acceptance” element in that feeling. Regardless, it is a good feeling. I gives me a very real surge of happiness and peace.

(An obsession with dirt and sand may be secondary to dirt and sand making someone happy and at peace!)


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