Sonoma State Park, CA

Sonoma Coast State Park California

This sand brings back many wonderful memories of a trip to northern California with my family. The coast of Sonoma State Park is a collection of various sizes of interesting beaches. The particular beach from which this sand originates was only accessible down an extremely steep and narrow winding path down a cliff. The path had worn away in places forcing me and my kids to have to jump across or maneuver down the cliff face in places. The wind was blowing and it was bitterly cold even in July when we went. The ocean was a very dark gray/black. The sky was overcast that day.

When we finally reached the bottom, we found this neat little beach with the prettiest mixture of dark and light sands. Look at the richness of the colors in this small vial. I often just hold the vial in my hands and turn in over and over to see the colors: whites, grays, browns, blacks, etc. The sand and beach at the bottom were completely worth the rugged journey down the dangerous path.

This sample will always be a precious sample to me. What great memories!

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