At the Workstation


(Working on a Message in a Bottle for a customer)

I have dirt, sand and water from quite a few places collected on my desk. I glance at them as I put different Etsy orders together. I like the memories from the places I have visited. The different colors and textures of the dirt and sand I have collected look great together lined up in their glass vials. Each one is marked with a place and a date. I can take one down, hold it, examine it and remember all the fun family time and activities. I can remember my kids when they were younger. I can reflect on trips with my wife that I will forever hold dear. I see my history organized in front of me. To me, it is fascinating! I could reflect for hours.

One of my favorite sands comes from a beach in northern Washington right where the Columbia river meets the ocean. The different sand granules are spectacular. I love the light and dark contrasts. I stand on that beach again every time I hold that small vial full of sand.

These little multi-colored soldiers stand watch as I create meaningful things for my customers. I have turned a hobby into a fun experience and a business. This desk is a place of wonderful thoughts and ideas. I love to be here. I like to think that a large parts of that contentedness goes into everything that I create.

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